The Last Page with Patrick Ryan


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This three-day class will look in-depth at different methods for ending a short story and will explain how to choose the kind of ending that suits your story best. Patrick will walk you through the criteria for a good ending by looking closely at numerous examples, determining why some endings resonate emotionally with readers while others shock; why some endings answer questions while others ask them; why some endings pack a wallop with physical action while others pack just as much of a wallop with a quiet and seemingly insignificant moment or detail. Through discussions and exercises, you will increase your awareness of the endings you read and better understand the options for and effectiveness of the endings you write.

About Patrick Ryan:

Patrick Ryan is the author of the acclaimed short story collection The Dream Life of Astronauts, as well as the novel-in-stories Send Me and three novels for young adults. His work has been included in the Best American Short Stories, Tin House, Crazyhorse, Tales of Two Cities, and elsewhere. The former associate editor of Granta, he is editor-in-chief of both One Story and One Teen Story. For more information please visit