Join our Patron Circle

One Story’s Patron Circle supports the organization on an annual basis. Because we can count on your gift each year, Patron Circles members receive additional perks including subscriptions and class discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Patron Circle?

Recurring donations allow us to focus more on the work at hand and less on the bottom line. They support all of our programs, and remind us that the work we do truly matters.

How will I be acknowledged?

One Story acknowledges all donors in its pages. Donors who give less than $125 are acknowledged in one issue. Those that give $125 or more are acknowledged for a full year. One Story acknowledges those who give $250 or more on the supporter page of this site. All donors can choose to remain anonymous.

How are Patrons different from subscribers?

Patrons get subscriptions to One Story and One Teen Story but also get additional perks including online class discounts.

Is my gift tax deductible.

All patron circle gifts are 75% tax deductible.

When One Story arrives in the mail, I usually stop everything and place it on my nightstand. I’m glad One Story exists, and I appreciate the donors who make it possible. Travis Eisenbee, Reader