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The Writing Circle has been a stabilizing force and source of joy throughout this year. Writing Circle Member

The One Story Writing Circle is a year-long education program and accountability group, hosted and moderated by One Story.

When you join the One Story Writing Circle, you join a small cohort of fiction writers looking to devote a year to improving their craft and process. Circle members will receive access to select One Story classes for the 2024 calendar year (to get an idea of the courses we offer, visit our classes page). In addition, they will attend monthly asynchronous online meetings designed to help them set goals and create and maintain their writing practice, surrounded by a supportive community of writers from across the country and the world. As with One Story’s other online course offerings, the Writing Circle is geared toward fiction writers.

At these online meetings, facilitated by One Story staff, Circle members will set personal writing objectives, both creative and professional. Each meeting will also feature motivational essays, writing prompts, and resources aimed at helping writers achieve their targets. One Story will track individual and group goals so we can celebrate our progress together each month, and will host quarterly readings with Circle members who want to share their work with the group. At the December 2024 meeting, Circle members will celebrate and take stock of all they have accomplished during the year.

While there will be space for writers to share questions and ideas with each other, there will be no individual evaluations or reviews. The One Story Writing Circle is not a place for criticism or critique. It is a supportive space to help you reach your writing goals.

The Writing Circle will launch on January 11th, 2024 and will be limited to 30 students. Writers can be at any level, but to ensure a consistent and committed community, all applications must be received by December 10th, 2023 and writers must commit to the full year. Applications will consist only of a statement of intent.

We are seeking writers:

  • with a clear project in mind
  • with a need for community
  • who are excited to be a part of a group environment and ready to get to work
  • who are able to commit to and participate in monthly check-ins

The One Story Writing Circle costs $600 for One Story patrons and $650 for non-patrons.

What you get:

  • Access to all of One Story’s 2024 asynchronous open-enrollment classes, which will cover topics such as dialogue, structure, and the writing life (4-5 courses)
  • Access to our self-guided courses on revision and the submission process
  • Access to 6 live virtual craft lectures
  • 50% off craft courses and reading groups
  • Exclusive access to monthly One Story Writing Circle meetings, featuring goal setting, essays on writing, accountability check-ins, readings, and a discussion board to share your progress with fellow members
  • A small writing community built solely for support and encouragement
  • Extended access to One Story online class material: all Writing Circle members will have unlimited access to 2024 course material for one year after the course start date (regular students only receive access for 5 weeks after the class’s start date)

How to Apply:

We are seeking applicants who are ready to spend 2024 committed to their writing goals and who are in need of a community to motivate them. Applicants will be chosen based on their interest in and commitment to the class as demonstrated in their application. There is no writing sample required for this class. The deadline to apply is 11:59pm ET on December 10th, 2023. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by early January.

Application Instructions:

In 400 words or less, please describe your current writing project and your writing goals for 2024. Share how being a part of a community like the Writing Circle would help you further your goals. You will also be asked to describe any experience you’ve had with a writing community, and to upload a current CV. Please note that we are seeking applicants who are looking for a writing community and who can share their progress with the group once a month.

There is a $10 application fee, which will be deducted from tuition upon acceptance.

Applications to the One Story Writing Circle will be taken via Submittable.


Will the One Story Writing Circle provide critiques or feedback on my writing?

No. The Writing Circle provides educational programming and a cheering squad to help you reach your writing goals, but will not be providing critiques or individual feedback on your writing.

When can I apply for the One Story Writing Circle?

The application period is open November 1st through December 10th, 2023.

What are the application requirements?

We are seeking writers at all stages in their careers who are ready to commit to their writing goals.

How do the monthly meetings work?

Once a month, we ask Writing Circle members to check in and post their progress on the discussion board. We call these sessions “meetings.”

Our virtual meetings are partially asynchronous and take place on Thinkific, our online learning platform. Circle Members are welcome to log in at any time but are encouraged to log in and participate in the discussion board during set meeting times.

After the first meeting, which will open on January 11th, 2024, Writing Circle members will meet according to a set schedule, which will be made available to them at that first meeting. Each meeting will include craft essays, resources for writers, and the occasional writing or discussion prompt. The meetings also will include a discussion board where participants can interact with one another and with the month’s moderator. The meeting content and discussion boards will be available to all students for the duration of 2024 once posted, but we ask students to post their updates within the 4-day window that the meetings are “active.” Meetings will also occasionally include remote student readings on Zoom.

How many members are in the Writing Circle?
The Writing Circle will be capped at 30 members.
Is participation on the Writing Circle discussion board required?

Yes. In addition to helping writers create a sustainable writing practice, we hope to build a community of writers who can support you and your work long after the class is over. It is for this reason that we are seeking applicants who can commit to participating in class discussions.

Is there homework?

Yes. Circle members will be expected to track their goal progress and share updates on that progress with the group. Moderators will review methods for tracking goal progress at the beginning of class.

How much time will the meetings take?

Plan to spend at least an hour per month reviewing the monthly lessons and resources, plus however much time you’d like on the discussion board.

Can I take it on my phone?
Yes, though we recommend using a tablet or a computer for easier access to class materials.
Can I participate in the monthly meetings if I’m not a member of the Writing Circle?

No. These monthly meetings are only offered to Writing Circle members. You are still welcome to register for our other online course offerings.

What classes will the Writing Circle give me access to?

Writing Circle members will receive access to all open-enrollment asynchronous classes and all of our self-guided classes. They will receive 50% off our craft courses and reading groups if they choose to enroll. They will not receive access to online workshops or our Summer Writers’ Conference, though they are welcome to apply.

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance for the Writing Circle?

There are no scholarships or financial assistance available for the Writing Circle.

Discounts & Policies

Our online classes are designed to be safe spaces for all who participate. One Story will not tolerate hate speech, bullying, or harassment directed toward instructors or fellow students, and reserves the right to remove participants who engage in such behavior from our classes.

Patron Discount: In order to qualify for our member discount, you must either be an active Patron or register for a Patron membership by the application deadline for this opportunity. Please note that the discount is for our Patrons only. Patrons commit to annual donations and receive benefits that allow them to participate in the organization in more meaningful ways. Not all One Story subscribers are Patrons. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Patron, you can do so here.

Refund Policy: One Story class payment is non-refundable after the class’s start date. For questions about the refund policy, or if you are unable to take the class after you have registered, please contact maribeth@one-story.com.

If you have any questions, please contact edu.support@one-story.com.