How One Story Serves Students of Writing

In 2013, One Story expanded our education programming beyond our summer writers conference to offer inexpensive online generative courses for all levels. Now, over 1,000 students take classes with One Story now each year, logging in from across the country and around the world, creating a vibrant, virtual community while improving their craft. In an alumni survey, our students reported publishing over 250 pieces of writing in 2019.

Our updated education programming now includes even more opportunities for learning about fiction, including live virtual lecture courses, self-guided classes, and workshops for writers with varying levels of experience. Read on to learn more about the types of classes we offer.

Self-Guided Classes

Our self-guided classes are designed to be taken at your own pace—there are no set dates, so you can start learning right away. Lessons are delivered via short pre-recorded videos and written text, and may include writing prompts or other downloadable materials. There is no discussion board or interaction with other students. Students will have access to self-guided classes for one year after their enrollment date.

Asynchronous Craft Classes

These large classes (75-200 students) are structured around a specific craft element and consist of short pre-recorded video lectures, lessons that are written text, light reading assignments, and writing prompts. Classes generally run from three to seven days, and the instructor is available to field questions on the discussion board for the duration of the class. There is no instructor feedback on writing prompts, but students can give one another feedback on their work. Students will be able to access course material for five weeks after the class start date.

Reading Groups

Designed for writers and readers alike, our reading groups analyze a single text or multiple texts. Classes meet once a week for live zoom lectures to discuss the reading with the instructor. There may be optional writing and/or discussion prompts on the online discussion board. Reading groups run from two to four weeks. Some reading group sessions will be recorded. Reading groups are capped at 50 students.

Craft Courses

Our craft courses analyze fiction from a craft perspective and include generative writing exercises. Class will meet once a week for a live zoom lecture based on the assigned reading, along with a discussion and writing prompt. Students are encouraged to share their work on the discussion board for light feedback by fellow students and the instructor. Courses run from two to four weeks, and some craft courses will be recorded. Craft courses are capped at 25 students.

Fiction Workshops

Limited to ten students, these six-week workshops are opportunities for students to receive in-depth feedback on their work from fellow students and their instructor. Classes meet on zoom once a week. Beginner Fiction Workshops are designed for writers without workshop experience; Advanced Fiction Workshops require previous workshop experience.

Generative Fiction Workshops

Designed for writers of all levels, each class is made up of generative exercises created to illuminate different craft elements. Classes will meet on Zoom once a week for six weeks. Sharing work is optional but encouraged. Instructors and students will provide light feedback on work that is shared.

Lecture Series

These are live, virtual events on zoom that feature writers lecturing on a single craft topic or in conversation with one another. 

One Story believes that writing fiction itself has tremendous value regardless of getting published. Our educational approach is open, curious, kind, and focused on the experience of creation.

“I'm still meeting with a group of writers I met online in a One Story class at the beginning of the pandemic! We've been meeting and workshopping each other's short fiction every month ever since.” Mary Catherine Curley, student