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Your gift will help ensure that One Story remains a part of the literary landscape. It connects readers and writers, gives emerging writers a place in the literary spotlight, and helps writers at all levels find their voices, hone their practices, and expand their community.

How will my gift be used?

Subscriptions and program fees make up about 50% of One Story’s revenue. Your gift will be used to support the entire organization.

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One Story acknowledges all donors in its pages. Donors who give $125 or less are acknowledged in one issue. Those that give $125 or more are acknowledged for a full year. One Story acknowledges those who give $250 or more on the supporter page of this site.

Does One Story offer recurring gifts?

If you’d like to support One Story on an ongoing, annual basis, consider joining our Patron Circle. Patrons support One Story with a renewable gift and receive perks including subscriptions, class discounts and more.

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