Research, Writing, & Revelation with Maaza Mengiste

March 18th-21st

Price: $75/$65 (Patrons)

Instructor: Maaza Mengiste

Registration Closed

About the Class:

Research is an important part of the writing process, but when it comes to integrating facts into their fiction writing, many writers struggle with where to start. Over the course of four days, acclaimed author and One Story contributing editor Maaza Mengiste will walk you through the steps to make research an exciting and inspiring part of your writing process. From brainstorming to plotting to writing, you’ll study research techniques used by her and other authors and learn how to incorporate them into your own practice. While this class is designed with historical fiction writers in mind, the techniques can be used by any fiction writer who is looking to strengthen their research skills. You’ll leave the class with a deeper understanding of how to look and where to look for details that will open new possibilities in plot, character, and setting.

About Maaza Mengiste:

Maaza Mengiste is the author of The Shadow King, shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize, an LA Times Books Prize finalist, and a Best Book of 2019 by New York Times, NPR, Time, Elle, and other publications. Beneath the Lion’s Gaze, her debut novel, was selected by the Guardian as one of the ten best contemporary African books.


When can I register for this class?

Registration is open now through March 17th, 2022.

How does the class work?

Lessons will be posted nightly at 11:59pm UTC. The class also includes discussion boards where participants can interact with one another and with the instructor.

I write creative nonfiction. Is this class right for me?

One Story classes and exercises are designed with fiction writers in mind. This class is probably best suited for writers of historical fiction, but those writing fiction outside that field as well as those writing nonfiction may find it useful.

Is participation on the discussion board required?
No, it’s optional; participants are welcome to jump into the conversation or sit back and observe.
Is there homework?
There will be optional daily writing prompts. These will not be evaluated by the instructor.
How much time will the class take?
Plan to spend about 45 minutes per day reviewing the lessons and completing the exercises, plus however much time you choose to spend on the discussion boards.
How many students are in the class?
One Story online classes are large and tend to range from 100-250 students.
What if I want to take the class, but the dates don’t work for me?
All class materials will be accessible online until April 21st, 2022. Please note, however, that Maaza will only be present for the duration of the class (March 18th – 21st). Class material will not be available to students after April 21st. We are unable to offer extensions.
Can I take the class on my phone?
Yes, the class can be taken on a phone, but we recommend a computer or tablet to get the most out of the experience.
Can I save the material for later use?
There will be downloadable writing exercises, but otherwise class content will be accessible only through the learning platform. To prevent distribution of the material without our knowledge, students are not permitted to copy/paste the lessons but are of course welcome to take notes.
What if I can’t wait to get started?
The discussion boards will open on Wednesday, March 16th, two days before the first lesson, so that participants can meet, mingle, and familiarize themselves with the learning platform.
Do you offer financial aid or scholarships for this class?
Yes. We offer a limited number of need-based scholarships that cover 50% of tuition. The window to request a scholarship is open now through March 14th, 2022. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out this form.

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