Crafting Your Writing Life with Ann Napolitano


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Crafting Your Writing Life is designed to help you shape your day-to-day habits with an eye towards your writing, enabling you to best serve your work.

Over the course of four days, Ann Napolitano, author of the bestselling novel Dear Edward, will share what she’s learned about the importance of making careful decisions about her life away from her writing desk, so that she’s capable of her best work when she sits down to write. Ideal for writers of all experience levels, this class will cover the logistics of choosing and protecting your writing time, how to be kind to yourself and your work (and what that means), where to focus your attention, and more. Through guided journaling prompts, video craft talks, written lectures, and helpful quotes from writers and thinkers, you’ll discover and implement your own best practices.

When we’re thoughtful about crafting our lives around our creative practice, both our lives and our writing benefit. You’ll leave the class with a plan, as well as tips and strategies to make sure your writing life continues to work for you. You’ll also have a lot of fun. As with all of our online classes, you can participate on your own time at your own pace, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet a supportive community of writers.